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Master skills process, simple ten minutes a day

Colour makeup is like a magic weapon of the woman, and the makeup is a professional knowledge and technology, especially the cosmetic procedures can let a female friend looks brand-new. In general, can be divided into bottom makeup, makeup program under the calm makeup, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, yan, blush, lip gloss and ten steps into makeup process. Below, just for you to introduce in detail the specific colour makeup application steps are as follows
    1.Bottom makeup: perfect makeup look is the most critical bottom makeup. In the case of time allows, but camber processing first, and then apply moisturizing mask skin more glittering and translucent and bright, choose color with color liquid foundation, recycle powder evenly on the face brush on foundation, swept gently back and forth, avoid leaving the brush, like in a myriad of small "X" in the face of the feeling, in the foundation brush after use can be a sponge and gently press the whole face, this will help to powdery bottom distribution more uniform, also let whole makeup effect more natural transparent;
    2.Calm makeup: why there are a lot of women have been feel your makeup face dirty greasy, the problem is not carefully set a makeup. Most of the powder's size has a lot of color, the color, not just for the sake of good, but there are other reasons, such as pink is suitable for skin was pale green is suitable for the skin have red blood silk, purple is suitable for the skin is dark, the model used is purple. With dry glue first take a suitable amount of honey powder folded knead together, play with your fingers to redundant powder, pressure on the skin evenly, with a large makeup brush to the excess powder, never forgotten corner, nose and mouth, the oil area. Good sweet pink, not just have a calm makeup the effect of absorption of glossy, but more importantly in secondary modified role;
    3.Eyeliner: put the mirror distance of 20 cm body, eyes looking down, the eye with ring finger, gently pull upward to stick with the root ministry of eyelash, from the eye end to the corner of piecewise painted. Outside canthus elongated, with eyeliner brush, eyeliner from eye to eye end over, step by step to make the natural clear lines; Again dizzy with eyeliner brush eyeliner, and this step is must not be omitted, this step can make eyeliner look natural and not too rigid. If you are in pairs, canthus easy oil, suggest you use eyeliner. Eyeliner look durability, is better than eyeliner or eyeliner powder, but compared to the liquid eyeliner, it is not so rigid and easy for shading, easier to control;
    4.Touch with medium eye shadow brush eye shadow: take white highlights, from the inner canthus outward canthus large sweep over the entire upper eyelid, with emphasis on line structure. With small eye shadow brush in the eyeliner, repeatedly swept gently several coffee, but must control the area of the coffee color, only for the use of a small scale, so that we can make the eye look more have stereo feeling. Dizzy catch, be sure to pay attention to the level of transition, in order to avoid the pollution caused by uneven daub sense;

    5.Mascara: usually, the model has a thick eyelashes in general, we helped her to choose a long model eyelash creams. Mascara is to adjust the eyes is very important one step. If besmear eyelash to cream very neat, clean, and eyelash clip very become warped, if the eyes will appear much bigger; But also is beneficial to dodge black rim of the eye caused by weakness, roll become warped eyelash can let a person look more spirit and vitality. According to the outside tip - again - the final root order among them, sectional clip eyelash, this clip is both natural and roll become warped eyelash, can reach 80 degrees when high roll become warped. Go to "Z" gimmick brushs eyelash, but do not besmear too much mascara, lest eyelash to become warped up because of heavy;
    6.Eyeliner: to choose the easy colored black look line draw the outline of eye end, it is to emphasize the magnitude of the eyes, at about two-thirds inside palpebral fluctuation look line outside, and then with a small eye shadow brush gently dizzy; But must pay attention to the depth of the eyeliner administrative levels, if control the better makeup will be more beautiful; In the eye end, can make a little bit heavier. Painted with white eye shadow in the end, the other in eyelid and eye head place, in this way, the outline of the eye becomes bigger, brighter;
    7.Xiu yan: in my ears the risorius triangle area parts and mandibular Angle of parts from the back forward brush on brunet department repair facial powder or foundation than skin deep color number one, white fastens with yan from top to bottom and bright bridge of the nose that line, forehead and chin. To create a contour feeling on the vision, in order to enhance the face;
    8.Blush: in the whole makeup, eye shadow is the visual center of gravity. So, blush, and lip color should be treated lightly. Model, usually choose pink blush pink, because they are the diamond face, help her cheek is red brush is round cheek is red, and gradually dizzy leave, but it only suitable for the diamond face or cuddly;
    9.Lip gloss: choose light pink glitter lip gloss to be painted, the makeup effect extremely attractive.
    10.Into more than makeup: process step is completed, wait for a while and then to achieve the ideal effect of the whole forming.
    To sum up, as long as have more than ten procedures, can achieve ideal and beautiful makeup effect. Admittedly, these in addition to apply to the lady, also suitable for men's special life needs, let a person full of confidence and charm, temperament, give a person with a distinctive visual perception.

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