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"Kits" in the secret

    1. The eyelash key method.

    After besmear eyelash creams, the best part of outer canthus coating layer. Eye end extended eyelash can let your eyes look longer, more charming.

    2. The life of the continuation of mascara.

    When mascara looks very dry or fast run out of time, put the eyelash to cream tight lid in hot water (can't be boiled water oh) for a few minutes can make the eyelash fluid melt inside.

    3. Set boundaries.

    Sneaking out of lip lines, to prevent the lipstick on your lips around with his color consistent concealer brush, then wipe divide evenly dizzy, cotton or cotton sticks dip take transparent powder put around the lips.
   4. Heat the pen.

   Before using the labial line pen with their thumb and forefinger to the tip is heated for a few seconds. The temperature of the finger will let labial line pen softening point, use rise more smooth flow. 5. Keep the lip color. In order to don't ten minutes to fill a lipstick, allows you to choose the soft pink or rose red lipstick painted, cover again.

    5. Keep the lip color.
    In order to don't ten minutes to fill a lipstick, allows you to choose the soft pink or rose red lipstick painted, then cover with a layer of transparent labial colour, when the outside part fall off the lip color can still kept inside.
    6. Be careful the mirror. 

    Daub pink, choose general mirror mirror instead has amplification effect, so that you can avoid misleading you put too much because of the deformation. 

    7. His eyes.
    Want to improve their eyelids, the existence of god can be in the upper eyelid fold under tu shangfen, beat highlights in the eyes after the position of the inner canthus.

    8. Don't waste.

    Foundation and foundation cream can also become dry, don't waste lid glued to the liquid, the fluid foundation after they become dry, still very useful.

    9. Decided to color.

    If you are in the pink of uncertainty between two different color number, you can choose a kind of slightly deep, because calm makeup sweep on powder will to some extent, whitening skin, let skin color.

    10. To correct mistakes.

    With a clean, dry cotton pad and gently pat the wrong part can remove too much powder, or cheek is red and not spend makeup face.

    11. The eyeliner.

    With shadow pulverization of eyeliner lasting effect is better. Dip in with the eyeliner brush wet first, and then take powder, eye shadow along the upper lashes out of the outgoing internalization eyeliner.

    12. To prevent infection.

    If you have to change the look line (eyelash with the eyelid position in), with eyeliner pen much safer than liquid eyeliner, because more bacteria liquid eyeliner. In addition, every time before the inside liner is sharpening ink can also reduce the chance of infection.

    13. Remove sootiness makeup.

    Sootiness makeup is usually more, is less easy to unload, and at the same time in order to protect the skin, can stick cotton dipped in lotion wipe again, then use discharge makeup product thoroughly remove makeup.

    14. Alter cheek is red.

    If you are not careful with too much blush, with the location of the translucent powder paint on the cheek is red, you can also use cotton ball and gently pat gently wipe. Discharge makeup oil is.

    15. To be a artist.

    Painting shop to buy a brush is used to make up the same with ease, and they often than those of the high-grade makeup brush is convenient. For those who always make uncertain when choosing eye shadow of MM, there are a lot of small pieces of color eye shadow box would be an excellent choice, can let you have a lot of experiment.

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