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Lip makeup technical tips

    After getting up in the morning, when he found himself face to the mirror is very poor, dry lips, a lack of blood. At this point, a good lip gloss can resolve the depressed in the heart, gently apply bright and moving, the whole people be glowing up immediately. This is the magical efficiency of resisting the lip gloss - black as always.

    Makeup look, facial makeup look light, whole feels shall cooperate with daub pink orange, pink, shallow of natural colour and lustre lip gloss. And if the makeup look is given priority to with more, it can match wine red, red, purple, gold, etc. Sometimes deep eye makeup with very light lip color, or full face painted a dark lipstick will make makeup look.

    In addition, please remember, lip gloss is too thick. Lip gloss is not like lipstick, if too thick coating will be thick and lack of transparency. Adhesion and lip gloss is not particularly good, destroyed the meditation draw lip is not good. Note also that the shadow is appropriate, in women's lip color deep, had better not use light lip gloss, if makeup is necessary, we can be on the lips, a layer of pink.

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