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Make-up pens, powdery cake, women's

    "To do a good job, must first sharpen his", visible cosmetic brush for a professional stylist is how important. There are many types of cosmetic brush type: are used to draw lip contour line; Are used to draw the whole eyelid; Have used to draw eyebrow; There is used to correct eye makeup makeup makeup brushes and its defects. Cosmetic brush must satisfy certain technical requirements, should not be too dry nor too soft. They should according to different needs to become a kind of special type of paste. If the make-up pen can not meet the requirements of a particular, the effect is not satisfactory.

    Powdery cake with wax can lock liquid foundation in solid state, when the foundation pressure to the skin, because of the force bearing outer layer of wax coating is broken, and the internal moisture and foundation can smooth open at the same time, bring the ultra smooth sense of water quality. Include balance water embellish factor can lock the moisture loss, prevent skin dryness, daub, skin immediately present water overflow, and the water ripples throughout the day
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