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Often use powder, details have to do?

    Makeup without powder, the powder what? Actually powder and powder, most often called or calm makeup powder, it is the most important and the last step in the process of makeup. Because the most important function of the powder is calm makeup, keep you on the bottom makeup before more lasting, powder at the same time can also carry bright color of skin, to smooth the pores, can't see any traces don't all use on the cheek, because powder in cheek part with thick, will affect the gloss of skin, if others want to continue to use blusher, much more powder can affect the cheek is red color, so the cheeks of powder must be small and thin.
    If you have acne or long blain blain on the face, or belong to oily skin of the face, don't think it is good to use powder, powder is can make skin more beautiful, but the effect of powder block defect is not obvious, so if the face has acne or pimples must use some first BB cream or block defect products, and then choose powder to oil absorption and beautify skin, the effect will be better.
    Powder in the nose, want to build an administrative levels feeling, don't play the whole nose evenly on a layer of loose powder, and should let the position of the tip a little bit thick powder in nose both sides, have the effect of such levels, but also can make your nose tall and upright.

    Powder is generally used in facial ministry, we sometimes forget the color of skin of the face and neck do not match the color, so to the entire face after playing on a layer of powder, don't forget to give the neck also gently on one layer, good facial skin color and the color of the neck perfectly together.
    If you loose powder to play good, will give you a whole skin is full of luster, exquisite and connect fully. So if you are in, still just a beginner, you should more pay attention to these little details.

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